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What are the reasons a home and termite inspections is performed?When a home is bought or sold, a professional home and termite inspections is generally part of the transaction.  The request for a home and termite inspections is generally made by the parties offering to purchase (contract of sale) a home.  Built into the contract is a contingency clause that requires a home and termite inspections prior to closing on the property.  The reasons are obvious.  Lenders may require a professional home and termite inspections as part of the mortgage application process because they want to protect their interest in the property by learning about any current or potential problems that may affect its value.  The buyer wants a professional evaluation of the property so that detected problems may be considered prior to purchase.  The buyer wants to make sure that the house is sound and not a high risk of termite infestation.  Should a home inspection reveal potential problems, the buyer may elect to void the contract or reduce the price offered.  Seller may want to have an inspection performed before placing a property on the market.  With a home inspection prior to placing the property on the market, the seller can better assess the property's value, correct any defects that might impair a sale, and avoid problems at closing or at some later time.


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iHome Inspection   is your best source for professional, value driven low cost home and termite inspections service.  
We surpass the others, in not only the price, but value as well.  

Our home inspection service is fully adhere to and comply with the provisions of Article 12-B of the Real Property Law and all regulations promulgated thereunder including, but not limited to, the Code of Ethics and Regulations and the Standards of Practice.  

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for our home inspection services provided.  Performing Home and Termite Inspections in Five Boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island), Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester County.  Will travel to other counties upon requested.  (extra fees may applied)

Our home inspection reports are designed to be easy to read and to the point. Home buyers and sellers, as well as their real estate agents have told us that our reports are the easiest they have ever read.  Reports are generated in Adobe's PDF format and send to client via email within 24 hours after the inspection.  Clients have the option to forward the report to the lawyer and real estate agent since the report is a single PDF file.  Hard copy (if request) will send to client on next business day via USPS. 
Sample report in PDF format           is available to view, just provide your email address to us                         and we will send it to you ASAP.


"Home inspection" means the process by which a home inspector observes and provides a written report of the systems and components of a residential building including but not limited to heating system, cooling system, plumbing system, electrical system, structural system, roof system, site conditions, exterior and interior components, insulation and ventilation, fireplace and attic.  The home inspector shall provide a written report containing the results of a home inspection.  The home inspection report shall clearly identify the systems and components of the residential building that were observed.

Home inspectors are not required to inspect for the presence of, or damage caused by termites or any other wood destroying insects or organism, but our home inspection service is included termite inspection by our licensed  termite inspector.  
Buyers need a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report (termite inspection certificate) form NPMA-33, required by bank or mortgage company in order to close the sale of purchase. Also, when a clear inspection report is required on an existing property seeking FHA mortgage insurance;
The National Pest Management Association form NPMA-33, Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report must be completed. 

Home inspectors are not required to use special instruments or testing devices, such as amp meters, pressure gauges, moisture meters, gas detectors and similar equipment.  But, we own and use a wide variety of professional tools that will support and stand behind our home inspection process.  Some of the high quality professional tools that we utilized include but not limited to:

  • Combustible Gas Leak Detector Identifies and pinpoints gas leak.

  • Mositure Test Meter - Detect level (non-destructive) of moisture present in wood, plaster, drywall, concrete , 
                                                                           brick and most matererials found in house.

  • GFCI Tester & Voltage Detector - Detects five common wiring errors in standard and GFCI protected outlets.

  • Water Pressure Test Gauge - Measure water pressure.

Article 12-B Real Property Law
Home Inspection Professional Licensing
Section 444-g Duty of care of home inspectors
The duty of every home inspector shall be to the client.


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Home Inspector
Home Inspection Instructor
Lic. #16000038710
Termite Inspector
Lic. #T2872812
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New York State Department of 
Environmental Conservation

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Member of New York State Association of Home Inspectors
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