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LIC.# 16000038710


Licensed & Insured

152-18 Union Tpke
Flushing, NY 11367

Office:  516-418-7868      9 AM - 5 PM

Cell:     917-617-1166 (Direct Line)



Co-op/Condo $300 and up*^
2  Family Dwelling
$450 and up*^
3 &  Family Dwelling
 $550 and up*^ 

Included Termite Inspection
^Price subject to change depend
on size of property & distance

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Please call for inspection appointment
Licensee Information
Lic.# 16000038710
Member of New York State 
Association of Home Inspectors

Client Testimonials:

You performed a home inspection very thoroughly.  You are knowledgeable and professional and did a good job.  Bill, Rego Park

Thank you for the dignity inspection!  Bonnie, Flushing

Thanks for your great work.  I won't hesitate to recommend you to all my friends and families. Brian, Syosset

Thank you!  Very thorough report.  The pictures included are helpful as well.  William, Whitestone

Thanks so much for sending the report so fast and thanks again for all of your help - I really appreciate it.  Nancy, Whitestone

I have read the report which is very well presented and detail as well. Thank you so much for spending long time to inspect and explain to us.  Once again thanks you so much for your work.  Louis, Briarwood

Thank you very much.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends.  Ye, Brooklyn

Thank you for sending me the report at the timely manner.  I am appreciated with your service.  Thank you again.  Kelvin, Elk Grove, CA

Thank you! very great job, I will not hesitate to recommend you.    Gina, Glendale

Thank you for your services, I will be sure to refer you to anyone I know who needs your services.  Liza, Brooklyn

Thank you for the prompt release of the report and the inspection work done. If opportunity arise, will refer you to others.  Stanley, Manhattan

Thanks for your proffessional service!  Derek, Brooklyn

Thank you for your services and detailed report that you made.  I really appreciate your services and will gladly recommend you.  Thanks for all the suggestions which I considered were very helpful.  I will keep you posted. Thank you great working with you.  Yahaira, Bronx

Thank you for the report. I certainly will refer you to others. Shamar,  Brooklyn 

Thank you so much for your great service.It was nice working with you. I learned a lot today. My relatives and friends are looking for houses as well. I'll definitely refer you to them.  Mandy, Elmhurst

Thank you, Stephen for your very detailed and professional inspection. For sure, I would recommend to my friends. Thanks.  Frances, Fresh Meadows

Thanks again for your services and I appreciate your urgency in presenting our report.  I will most definitely keep you in my contact list for any future purchases and or referrals. Thanks again   Michael, Flushing

Thank you very much for the quicker than expected turnaround and for doing a great job on the home inspection.  I will definitely refer you to anyone that needs a Licensed Home Inspector.  Wilfredo, Brooklyn

Thanks Steve for your work.  My husband and I were so amazed about the time you took not only to inspect the house but also answering different questions that we had.
Best in your work.  Narcisa, Woodside

Thank you Stephen! It was great working with you and thanks for getting such a thorough report out to us so quickly! We will definitely recommend you to friends and family.  
Jim, Whitestone

Thank you for your thorough investigation of the property, we appreciate it very much since we are first time home buyers.  Definitely, we will refer you to our families and friends.  Bernadette, Manhattan

Thank you for taking your time for discussing and answering my questions about the home inspection report.  I appreciate your valued professional suggestions and comments.  I appreciate all your help and time.  Winnie, Garden City

Thank you so much for the very clear and understandable reports!  Aristotle, Elmhurst

Thank you for your thorough and detail examination and all the advices you have given me.  I will be sure to recommend you if one of my friend is looking for home inspection.  Justin, Bayside

Thank you soo much Stephen!  Very good job and I appreciate it so very much.  Warren, Brooklyn

Thank you so much for your prompt response. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I will certainly refer my friends to you if I have a chance. Thank you so much again for everything!  Lily, Plainveiw

Thank you very much for your help again, and I really appreciated for sending the report quickly.   I will definitely recommend you to all my friends who needs to do home inspection.  Jessica, Kew Garden

Thank you, Steven.  It is a thorough and professional work.  DanWoodside

Stephen, Thank you for your exceptional service! I am pleased with your work and look forward to utilizing your services again in the future. I will also refer anyone looking for home inspections to you.  Ravindra, Queens

Stephen, Thank you very much for your speedy and thorough work on this report. It was truly a pleasure to work with you.  LouisBethpage

Thank you so much Mr. Chow. We absolutely appreciate your professionalism and the quality of your work.  ​Renée, Queens Village

Thank you Stephen, I felt that you took your time with our inspection and was very professional... this is our first time buying a home and you start it by making it a little stress free.
Shawn, Hollis

Thank you Stephen! It was a pleasure to meet you, I appreciate the thoroughness of your work.  Faraz, Queens Village

Stephen was very efficient in his movement throughout the dwelling and advised me of the situations step by step.  Necolious,  Queens
Home & Termite Inspection
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 All credit card transactions 
are charge a 3% convenience fee
Paid in full on the day
 of service
(Monday to Friday)
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